Should they honour the original quote?

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Here’s a slight dilemma for you.

You are sent a quote online and you accept it.

The next day they tell you they sent the wrong quote and send a new you one that is $2000 more.

They quoted incorrectly e.g you asked for product A and they quoted for product B.

Should they honour the original quote?

Post by Bec »

If it were your business, would you be happy to let $2k go? I don’t think they should have to honour the original quote. If you’re not happy with the price, go elsewhere.

Post by Lauren »

No. They made a mistake and admitted it.

Post by Jessie »

No. Mistakes happen. You haven’t incurred any loss as a result of this, why should the business? As others have said, if you are not happy with the correct price, seek further quotes.

Post by Sarah »

Contracts and quotes usually say "errors and omissions excepted" so if it's a genuine error on their part there's not much you can do about it.

Post by Kiera »

If they wanted you to still purchase the wrong item at the original price seeing as you accepted the quote would we be having this same conversation?

Post by Dani »

Absolutely not - it’s an error they have rectified it within a reasonable timeframe.

Post by Jane »

You accepted for product A so if you want the original price you need to be happy with product a. If you want product b then you need to pay whatever they quote for that. So yes you need to pay the extra.

Post by Joanne »

Be reasonable and pay for the correct price. Yes. It was their error which was quickly rectified. And it’s important to maintain a good relationship with your trades.

Post by Anne »

I don't know what the fine print says, but "offer and acceptance" forms a contract. Are you able to price A and B elsewhere? Do you know if A really is more expensive than B? Are they generally a reputable business?

See what you can find out about A and B prices first.. then negotiate new terms for a new contract if you are stuck in a hard place.... you can use the fact its been accepted by you and that you requested A not B when you accepted the quote...but you want to be reasonable ( just not stupid haha). Its a balancing act now!!

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