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Hi! This is the best forum! Ya'll are truly awesome. I made a post about a sentient forest and you truly came through with some ideas (especially educational ones) that I am implementing beginning today.

So, this's 500 years in the future. 500 years ago the first person was buried in a pod at the base of a tree, via capsule mundi type technology. And as her body provided nourishment for the tree, her consciousness inhabited it. Now, 500 years later, most people are buried in the Forest. And the Foresters, who are Called by the Mother Tree, provide care.

Unfortunately, the ability to communicate with the trees has been largely forgotten. Just very basic empathic type communication with most of the Foresters.

I have finished the first draft, but fear that I have not 'barked' out the character of the Forest enough for you to care if it survives. And it's a conundrum because of the whole communication issue.

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It's a great idea and seems very original. You might think about your cover now...

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I love your idea! Surely soil fungus is the key to tree communications? It's already the world's largest organism, so it's a mere conceptual hop to a global underground fungus network that carries messages ...

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