Anyone painted aluminium windows? Am in the middle of it & wanting some advice

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  1. Using Dulux Metalshield...any tips to get good finish? Light coverage looks patchy but any heavier leaves runs etc. Anyone have closeup pics?
  2. How long b4 putting windows back into frames? Looks like paint will just peel off when i replace & slide window as 24hrs later it still has a sticky feel. Says 2 hrs dry/recoat!
  3. Do u remove all components? I have, inc pulling flyscreens apart but lots work!
  4. Any tips to speed up process...taking about a day per window.

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  1. Multiple thin layers is the way to go! I would do multiple windows at once - a dusty thin coat every 2h till satisfied
  2. Needs at least 7 days to cure possibly depending on weather. Call Dulux technical product info team, they can help you with this. Surfaces that slide over rather will wear off.
  3. Yes, remove all components
  4. Try to do multiple windows at once. Tape them all, spray them all with super thin layers.
A labour intensive job but if done well you will enjoy it for so many years!!

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Worst job ever to do. Especially when it's all flaking off from the previous homeowner who didn't prep it properly the first time. I have nightmares about it still! On the brighter side I saw a new product recently you could coat the glass with then it just peels off when you are finished. Looked so much easier that way.

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Yes, spray painted and painted from a tin with roller. Very thin coats of etch primer plus spray epoxy enamel (Dulux in my case). Prep is everything. Would advise a proper mask as this paint had super high VOC. From a tin was easier regarding prep and overspray but not as neat.

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