Thinking of starting a DIY project to build a retaining wall in the backyard

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.. to overcome the landscaping challenges associated with a backward sloping lot.

I am looking at a height of about 1.5mt for the retaining wall. It will be 3 sided and the 4th side of the plateau will be the back wall of the house.

I am looking at a total perimeter of about 25mts across the 3 sides.

Any tips or pitfalls to avoid?

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Check Council regulations. At that height, you will likely need engineer's certification, and will definitely need adequate drainage.

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Wood can warp. Ensure the 'fill' behind it isn't to heavy and ensure there is adequate drainage. Do proper footings.

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Chat with a landscaper & ask if they have any engineers that they work with as it will need engineering & council approval. Depends on soil types & what is behind the wall, Eg flat soil or battered back.

We are planning a 1m wall which has been a nightmare with engineering as they want huge footings whereas we were told by multiple people (including a friend who’s a building inspector) that we only need a small bed of crushed rock (using sandstone logs). They also drew a flat section behind the wall & not battered back like on the plans so now say if it’s going to be battered then we need even bigger footings! For a 1m wall that doesn’t support anything but dirt. No pool or house behind it.

So get an engineer on board first to discuss the best & most cost effective ways to tackle it before you go through the council process.

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You will need it professionally constructed as that’s pretty high and councils require permits for same.

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