Has anyone purchased small 8 shelf green house from Amazon?

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Hello all! My husband and I want to start gardening and would like a small greenhouse for our backyard. Has anyone purchased small 8 shelf green house from Amazon?

Any suggestions would be welcomed! Tips and tricks needed as well on starting out!

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Don’t know where you live, but will not withstand winters. I have two, I use them to harden off plants in the spring. I have a large heated greenhouse for winter.

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I would suggest you get your feet wet first before purchasing a greenhouse. Make sure you enjoy gardening and after a few seasons you will have a better idea what you might need.

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Shelter Logic has metal frame white woven plastic covered ones. I have a 10x20. Cost $350 a couple years back.

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I have! It did me really well until I was ready for something bigger. I did have a problem after the first winter, when the screen was damaged by cold temps. I recommend taking the cover into your garage or shed in winter.
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