Wrote the book in Scriv

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Pointless rant. Wrote the book in Scriv. Started finding typos in published/exported copies that did not exist in the original (like side by side comparison after exporting).

Found this pretty infuriating, but was too deep in the process to swap horses.

I've now found missing words in a section that I cut and pasted (its a letter that appears in full early in the book and then an excerpt appears later- wtf would I rewrite it?) and want to lose my effing mind.

I don't know if there is a file corruption issue or its the app itself. Or possibly something introduced by going in and out of ProWritingAid. Whatever the case I will not use this hacked together piece of crap again that is for sure.

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I have the same issue with Grammarly when I copy and paste large chunks of my WIP with Microsoft Word. I think it’s an issue with Microsoft Word. Try feeding through a few pages at a time.
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