Wondering how well solar powered fans or heaters work to use in our hoop greenhouse…

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is it worth the money?

We’re in zone 7.

Who has experience with either and what are your thoughts? Thanks

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Love my solar fans, I have 3 they turn on automatically when the sun hits them. Really get the air moving.

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I think the only way you could use solar heat is if you had solar collectors to heat water, and store the heated water. There are vacuum tube solar water heaters that seem interesting. But not cheap.

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I have solar (PV) on my house and my production peaks in the summer but drops down in the winter. Based on my experience, I think solar fans will be a great use of the technology, because you need them the most when the sun is high. But you need heat the most when your panels are not producing much electricity, so I am skeptical about that.
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