I'm planning on building a greenhouse in the spring. Is a greenhouse like a boat?

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You get one and you want the next bigger model/larger size and try to upgrade.

Trying to plan and not wish I had different in year or two.

Yes, I live in the Great Lakes area so the boat issue is real not for me but my FIL.

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Absolutely! Consider the first one your gateway greenhouse!

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I think that is true BUT bigger mean more expensive to heat. Only you can decide where that balance is

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Consider what exactly you plan on starting, or growing… is it a few cold months of the year or growing throughout the year? Is part of it as a place to relax or strictly for seed starting? Veggies. Flowers? Overwintering house plants? With these questions answered then you can decide on heat source, watering, electricity… I have 2 now and the 3rd going up in spring.. all 3 are different too.

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Mine is 6 feet wide, not many options for floorplans. 10' is a good width. If your building with 2x lumber, make it multiples of normal lengths: 8', 10', 12'. Rafters and studs the common width of the panels, even if you use film/sheet to start.

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No one has ever said, " I wish my greenhouse was smaller".

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Doesn’t matter how big you go - you will always need bigger.

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I used to have a 10 by 12 Greenhouse then 2021 moved and went up to a 23 by 14. This year bf built me a 2nd one just for seed starting

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It comes down to these factors: how much time can you dedicate to it, how automated are you going, are you retiring soon and will that change the time you will have, and I don't care how automated you go, you still have transplanting, pruning etc.

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Get the largest you can afford - then double it. You'll thank me later.

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Yes, almost like chicken math. I started with a 10 x 10 , next I added a 16 x 20 and this spring I'm adding another 16 x 20. I found I really enjoy gardening inside more than outside. I control the water, wind, and light. Less weeds and pest to deal with. I also have 17 raised beds, a tomato trellis, melon patch and potato patch outisde of the greenhouse.

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Yes! They always seem much bigger until you get benches/tables/tools/etc in there and then all of a sudden you're like "Where the hell are the actual plants going to go?" lol.
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