Has anyone used regular clear plexiglass pannels for their greenhouse instead of twin wall polycarbonate?

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Any pros and cons to point out?

I have access to plexi glass at a good price but want to be sure it's OK to use..

Thanks !
The Shady Spot

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I don’t think it has any R value if you need to keep warmth in.

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There is a small difference. The twin wall polly traps heated air between the layers and helps warm a greenhouse but without a heat source at night the heat will be released just as fast as flat panel. The doubled wall will help colder zones heat the greenhouse faster in spring and fall during the day. Hope this helps. Happy New Year.

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Plexiglass may not be UV protected so it will break down pretty rapidly in the sun

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I just did a search "plexiglass for greenhouse". Tells what kind recommended, thickness, etc. It has a lot going for it. Google it. Can also do a comparison to polycarbonate with google.

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  • Solexx
  • Diffused light
  • Easy to install
  • High R value
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