Last week the door to my greenhouse froze shut and the power kicked off

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.. So, no heat. I couldn’t get in to reset the heater. Finally got the door open tonight.

The handle got broke either from the ice or from me beating on the door. It is an insulated storm door. I had to pry it open with a long screwdriver and a scraper.

Pretty much everything is dead. Cabbage included. -5 degrees is rough even inside of 5 wall polycarbonate. My 2 rose bushes may be OK. Hellebores looked OK. Strawberry plants are pretty iffy looking.

The bucket of water inside was still partially frozen. Water jugs for daytime heat absorption were all leaking water out.

Going to be doing a lot of pruning this weekend.

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Your strawberries will come back if you don't mess with them it may be spring but I think they will come out of it.

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I have raised beds 5x8 or 10. Live in montana. So what I am hearing you guys are growing plants this time of year. It was 40 below last week. 50 above here today. Is this really going to work. Would like your comments.

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Please consider not pruning. It may do more damage to plants that could come back.Strawberries will come back.

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I would recommend getting a can of HEAT De-icing spray when your door freezes shut so you can open it next time.

I also sprinkle salt in the tracks of my doors to prevent freezing shut on the bottom door frame.

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Interesting. My hoops, planted to all cool weather crops, fully survived a week of -19 just fine. I use NO added heat of any kind.

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So sorry. Mother Nature can take a large bit sometimes. Hope you can replant soon. Leave the strawberries alone and keep a eye on them. It's a real good chance they will come back.
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