Last week our greenhouse got hit by the arctic weather

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We heatwith propane and circulate that heat well.

We were just out of town and refused to worry.

Much of out plants got frozen badly. Today we chose to go do some clean up.

Most of what looks dead May yet come back, but the tomatoes were definitely gone. So, today I pulled them out.

I didn’t rip and shred, but cut back to the ground and then beyond and hauled the foliage outside to burn.

BUT I had lain the main stalk of some tomatoes along the ground and covered that with soil, to create multiple plants.

That may have worked in my favor.

The plants with in-ground runners actually had very healthy root systems.

My tomatoes may come back out of those running root systems.

I’m not hearing the fat lady sing yet.

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Yes I cut my tomatoes down left root in the soil we shall see.

I did start more seeds tho.

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I have had mine die entirely and come back from the ground up. Don’t give up hope!

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Love the positivity.
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