Can we use tinted windows in a greenhouse? Will it block out beneficial light?

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Please help me... Be nice we are new to greenhouses and are trying to learn before we build.

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I have asked this half a dozen times, and googled it, the experts seem mostly noncommittal

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A good friend had to tint a few windows in her greenhouse, and it has been successful. I use shade sails to shade my garden when that time rolls around in summer.

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I think it's a good question! You don't want to burn the wee planties in the summer time. But in the shoulder season, it's best to have the most sun possible. Personally, I don't use my greenhouse much in the hottest parts of the summer because all my plants are outside.

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I think it partially depends on your location. For the most part, you want to allow for maximum solar gain. With this in mind, steer clear of low-e glass as well as tinting. With shade cloth or screens, you can manage the light/heat leaving options open for maximum gain.

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I would say purchase some shade sails or a roll of shade cloth so that if you need less sun you can put up shade sail/cloth and when you need more sun you can just remove it.

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I used clear argon filled double pane glass, didn't want to filter out any of the lite spectrum that is beneficial to plant's.

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I think it depends on where you live and what you are trying to grow.

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I think it would depend on your zone, the direction your Greenhouse faces, what time of year you will be using it and what you will be growing. I use mine year round and I need maximum light from Sept to May. Then I put up shade cloth.

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I have a bunch of thermal pane sunroom windows one piece is tinted and one is not I have separated them and plan on using the clear glass on south and west facing and the tinted on north and east sides where it won't matter so much

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It’s great that you’re trying to learn!

Clearer is better, but there are some greenhouse films that are pretty opaque. Plants can usually absorb light from the whole spectrum, except green which is reflected (for green plants), so you don’t have to worry about a specific type of light being blocked.

What USDA zone are you in? What do you want to use your greenhouse to do? Season extension? Winter growing? Seed starting?

This will determine how much it matters.

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Just grow your weed behind the shed like everyone else, jk

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It never ceases to amaze me how many answers do NOT address the original question.

Depending on what you want your greenhouse for snd where you live. And how strong the tint is.

But most of us never stop with one greenhouse. We improve or upgrade.

So, if they were given to you, and they will allow you to build that first greenhouse cheaper and quicker, I’d say do it. You might loose a little something in early spring or late fall. But it’s better than what you have now. So experiment. Learn. Enjoy.

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Tinted windows, glazing and film are all fine! Don't overthink it. Despite what some will say a used window will allow more light transmission then double walled poly which most consider the gold standard.

I would suggest grouping the tinted ones on the west side for cool more shade tolerant vegs.

Just please use your windows. You won't regret it. (I used plastic my first 3 seasons and it was a nightmare lol)

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Tinted windows do reduce the amount of heat in the greenhouse but it also reduces the amount of visible light. “Most conventional window tinting transmits less than 34% of visible light. “ Some tinted glass is designed to block UV rays. Some tinted glass does not block red, blue color range in light. So the answer is a definite maybe. You have to know more about the tinting if you want to use tinted windows. Sorry I can’t give a clearer answer
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