I am not doing well to make money from writing

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Hello to all writers I have been writing for a long time now but I am not doing well to make money from this...does anyone know how I can there is a link or a forum where you can make money with your talent , otherwise I already have two scripts written not published please help me ...

I also write blogs mostly about beauty movies or books in English and Italian it depends on the client's demand if anyone knows how to make money

thank you very much in advance have a nice day...

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Publish on Amazon.
Last week, I just published on it.
Or write romance

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Making money as a writer is very much like playing the lotto - right place, right time, right combination.

The money makers are the books that are published by big name publishers that market the heck out of it and the author has most likely been at it for a long time, found a niche, follows the niche and adapts.

Amazon self-publishing will get you 70% of an ebook you release, and a smaller realized percentage for a paperback depending on size, cover, etc. Our $14.99 paperback realizes $3.61 profit after print cost then Amazons cut. Our audiobook, whose price depends on run-time that we have ZERO control over results in 40% profit to us, and we narrated the book ourselves.

If you’re going to look at $/hr profit as a writer - you’ll be in the poor house for a long time before you break even, or even look at making a profit.

If you’re writing to make money - and want a quick turn around, my advice would be a LOT of 200-page cheap romance novels or ‘erotica’ novels.

With the advent of self-publishing and home word-processing and type setting - the competition is TOUGH.

Write for the beauty of writing. Learn to express thoughts, places, people, situations better than ‘regular’ people can express it themselves, and they’ll read your material. Quality or quantity will keep you in the money - but not a lot of it.

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