Do we need proof we are going to leave Thailand?

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Hi guys me and my gf are travelling south east Asia soon.

We stay in Thailand and then to Cambodia but we don’t know how we are going to get to Cambodia yet.

Do we need proof we are going to leave Thailand and if so what can we use as proof.

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Train from bangkok (hua lamphong station) to poipet (the ticket is to aranyaprathet but stay on until the one after, which is the last stop at ban khlong luk) it was literally 48baht! I recommend getting the 5:55am one though cause it takes about 4-5 hours and I got the later one and when I arrived it was dark, also it was sooo crowded but I’ve heard the earlier one is different. A lot of people told me to beware Poipet border as it’s dangerous and scammy but I done it yesterday and everyone was so nice and helpful.

It’s really easy to leave Thailand and enter Cambodia, visa on arrival etc (have $35 US dollars ready) they direct you where to go and what to do. Really easy and so cheap. You don’t need proof just they stamp your passport when you leave Thailand, then stamp it again when you enter Cambodia.

Have fun!

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I didn’t get checked for entering Thailand but when I was in Vietnam they wouldn’t issue my boarding pass for my flight to Cambodia without proof of onward travel out of Cambodia.

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Immigration typically doesn't care. Your airline may require it though.
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