I am travelling Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Indonesia in 2023!

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I was wordering what everyone recommends as a monthly budget? For reference I am backpacking, staying in hostels, eating street food etc not scuba diving or any tours.

Please let me know!

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Average of $25/ a day max. Assuming no partying and being moderate.

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Been travelling with my gf and our budget for the two of us was $50 a day. That being said we stayed in hotels, guesthouses, Bungalows etc as we don't like shared rooms as a couple. Of course all these rooms are on the cheaper as long as they were clean and had breakfast included as we didn't want to hunt early in the morning for food since we are working online to finance our travels.

In your case living in hostels and eating street food (don't eat shellfish from the street by the way and no see food at all on Cambodia!) You should easily be good with a $15-20 budget every day. Keep in mind Cambodia is surprisingly the most expensive country out of the ones you mentioned. We paid about $4-5 per meal, which is shocking considering how cheap you can get it in other countries. Unfortunately they are so poor and with the pandemic they have that mindset that if they charge top dollar they are getting out of poverty quicker...

They don't only do that to foreigners but also compete with each other and those high prices.
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