What is the best choice for domestic flights in Thailand and Vietnam?

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Looking for cheap flights, bcs we have many to do. Every airline I searched for there’s a ton of bad reviews from some people.

For example I’m interested in airasia, vietjet, nok air. We are not that kind of people to complain about delays or to go over the weight limit and make a scandal or fuss about the seats.

Thank you in advance.

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Vietnam Air or Bamboo in Vietnam. Bamboo is often the less expensive option. Both have been very reliable for me. Using their respective websites (rather than a third party site) will show you the most options in pricing. Very early morning flights for me have been very affordable as those are the less in demand times.

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VietJet have been good for me (allowed my overweight luggage too). Airasia are okay when they fly, but in my experience almost always delayed, rescheduled or cancelled. Still owed lots of money from them

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Bus with a few stops across Cambodia if you have the time. No excess CO2 that way and there are a few nice places to see. Otherwise just go for the cheapest flight if you really have to. All airlines are much of a muchness

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We recently flew VietJet and Bangkok airways (where they even serve free food) with overweight carry on luggage without complaints. Super easy, affordable and on time.

Always best and most convenient - though slightly less cheap - to get your ticket on the airline’s website.

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Why not bus or train to places? Thailand is not that big a country, neither is Vietnam, and you would see a lot more of both countries. Plus, the carbon footprint of domestic flights is crazy high. That's got to count.

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AirAsia only allows 1 7kg carry on and viejet allows one 7kg and on small bag with 2kg carry on. That is the only reason we like Viejet more 😄. Both are pretty much the same and deals can be found for both but you have to buy your tickets atleast 1-2 weeks ahead to save money

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Never had any issues with any of these airlines. One thing I definitely know and why I always choose AirAsia is that their overhead compartments are the same size as from bigger airlines so you can easily put your 40L osprey in there even though it's like 8-10kg. Just make sure you don't look like it's heavy on your back and nobody will ask you to weigh it. It fits perfectly smooth in there. It's better than paying for additional luggage on one of the other airlines. I do recall that one of them (Viet or Scoop or Thai) had very small overhead compartments on which case you would either quickly need to shove your bag under your seat or they will take it and put it in the bigger Laos of the plane for a fee. That being said I've come across another airline (I believe in Laos) that just took the bag happily and put it in the front where the flight attendants would stay. No issues at all. Sorry for the long text, hope it helps.

By the way of course you see negative reviews on those cheap airlines. It's like the news on the TV, always bad because it is assumed it goes well without any issues, hence you pay for it so the majority of people don't review any services unless they find something to complain about
My Hanh

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In Vietnam, go with Vietjet air if you want the cheapest flights. However, with baggage, their prices are sometimes not much different from Bamboo airlines and Vietnam airlines in my standpoint. Sometimes you might experience flight delays (even 1-3 hours) if you go with Vietjet air, but not all the time. There are four airlines in Vietnam: Vietnam airlines, Bamboo airways, Viettravel airlines, and Vietjet. Make sure you compare prices between them before booking.
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