If anyone has done the rice field 3 day trek in Banaue, was it difficult? Did you need hiking boots?

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Hi! Flying to the Philippines in two weeks, continuing from there to Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, and Thailand.…

How necessary are hiking boots/shoes? I’m not planning on doing really hard treks, maybe 2 day treks here and there.

Also, if anyone has done the rice field 3 day trek in Banaue, was it difficult? Did you need hiking boots?

Thanks in advance

Post by Scotty »

Get some good quality joggers with plenty of chunky tread on the soles. Forget boots. A friend who'd trekked the Himilayas & PNG gave me this advice 30 years ago, best advice ever.

Post by Louis »

No need for boots. I've been using the tropicfeel canyon since march and wow! I've never been more impressed with anything I ever bought. They are not ripped or ridiculously dirty, they are amazing. Crossed rivers, jungles, sand, rocks, concrete, mud, lots of rain and they are just fine! Takes about a day to dry and you can start again. It even took them about 4 months until I noticed some slight odor after wearing them daily in 35+ degrees and hundreds of activities.

I actually noticed how I sound like I was working for them 😅 I'm just so glad I got them as travelling with a budget doesn't allow really to buy shoes every few months or carrying 3-4 pairs.

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No need for boots imo, I just take light weight, breathable and comfortable running shoes and they do the job, also dry fast when they get wet.

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I spent 2yrs travelling Asia, including trekking to Everest base camp and wore waterproof trail running shoes for every trek! In my mind they are the best compromise if you’re travelling - lightweight and comfortable, but they have some structure and keep the wet out.

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I confirm previous comments, definitly avoid boots and opt for good trail shoes. Waterproof or not, I think both have pro/cons..

For the level of the batad terraces and banaue trek it really depends on your guide, they adapt depending on the weather and your level. No need for boots, good shoes is okay, you'll see every local is using flip-flop, even your guide.

(If you need a good guide for the trekk who's speaking good english let me know).
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