Would love to hear about what it’s like weather wise, backpacker traffic etc!

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Hi! I’m planning a year of travel starting in July hopefully. As of right now it makes most sense for Me to start in SEA, but that would have me backpacking July, Aug, sept and maybe into October.

I’ve been reading a bit about monsoon season/seeing that these probably aren’t the most ideal months to travel SEA, but was wondering if anyone had any experience with travelling in that area around those months?

Would love to hear about what it’s like weather wise, backpacker traffic etc!

Thank you!

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We were in Thailand last September/October, it rained nearly every day but mostly in the evening or early morning, between that the sun was shining and we could do all of our activities. Some days we had to stay inside due to the rain, but when you're travelling for long time it's not too bad to just chill once in a while. In the evenings it was always a cozy feeling to sit in a restaurant or bar while the rain poured down outside. Also it wasn't as crowded with tourists as it is during high season, which also positively affected accommodation prices, but still enough people travelling so we could meet new friends. We enjoyed it and would recommend

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Go to Indonesia and Philippines first. Or start further north like Japan. This depends on where else you’re going.

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From what I've heard that is a good time for Bali at least! And maybe the gulf of Thailand.
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