Grateful To Hear The Good And The Bad About Your Time In Morocco

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Okay, travelers! I'd be so, so grateful to hear the good AND THE BAD about your time there. Tips/tricks? It's my first time on that continent, so...

Two adults, no kiddos.

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I loved it there!!! Very nice place. Just try to be very cautious around the Medina. Don't acknowledge anyone saying hi to you as they won't stop with the begging. Other than that. Great place to visit. Wear light clothing ofcourse and bring light sweater. Sandals all the way

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We had a wonderful 16 days in Morocco. Part with a guide and part on our own. Medina’s are great but difficult to find your way once i in so best to have a guide for that. Such an interesting country.

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I loved Morocco! See as much as you can, each city has its own flavor. Be adventurous

Book an authentic hammam

Capri pants for women is the best choice ( shorts don’t go over to well)

Stay hydrated in the desert. Make sure you are on a rooftop for at least a few of the evening call to prayer.

Call your doc and get a script for Azithromycin for travelers diarrhea just in case. Not just for Morocco, I always travel with it. There are alternatives if you have an allergy.

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We spent a couple days in Tangier with a day trip to Chefchaouen. We had a guide, which was wonderful. I think next time I would not book a room in the Medina. I was hesitant to go exploring on our own. Not that I felt unsafe, but because I was afraid of getting lost. Food was great, most people were friendly.

I did feel a bit uncomfortable with the begging/tipping, but that is how some people survive. Noone asked us for money outright, it was always in exchange for a service or item. I personally wouldn't explore much without a guide. With a guide, we were shown so much more than we would have been if we were on our own. We met the baker in the Medina, we were taught the history of areas, learned about the King and improvements he has made to the country, we had a driver to the blue city and he showed us around there with a local. Etc

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Pro tip: Get out of Casablanca as quickly as possible if you’re going there at all. If I didn’t go to Rabat and only spent time in Casablanca I’d have hated Morocco

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I went in October and loved it! I had a driver and local guides in most cities. Atlas Desert Tours took great care of me, helped me create an itinerary that worked, and booked me in lovely Riads. You can never have enough small money (think coins for restrooms and small amounts for tipping. Cash is critical).

I loved Marrakech, Fez and my time in the Merzouga). It’s a beautiful country!
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