Does anybody know of any remote travel related jobs?

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I have a bachelors degree and by next year I will have my masters degree. I also would like ti know if anybody knows of any travel related conferences as well to network with people who are travel consultants!

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To be honest travel agents usually specialize in a market, like cruises or disney. They tend to be horrible at solo travel. Travel related jobs also pay HORRIBLE since they usually factor in the benefits into your salary. You may want to consider working for a cruise line, a corporate hotel chain or something in marketing. You could also look into the airlines. The starting salary for many flight attendants is under 30k a year though. There is a fair bit of remote work in many corporate companies. I am not sure what your majors are. But keep in mind - travel jobs only tend to require a HS diploma, so you will be insanely overqualified.

I work in tech/aviation doing financials, procurement and strategy and often telecommute and travel. It was not uncommon for me to work from Belize a week a month for several years. I also have worked in the Maldives and some other "exotic" places. If you are looking for jobs that will "pay your travel" - Engineers, Corporate Auditors and Corporate Trainers tend to live on the road and travel almost 250 days a year. Business Consultants in IT also tend to work in a location 4 days a week and home on the weekends.

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I was a travel consultant for Expedia Cruises for a couple of years. It’s completely commission based and takes a few years to build your clientele. Also you need to take online courses with the cruise lines and hotel chains. Learn how to book flights/car rentals/tours for clients. By the time I had enough bookings to make some money, covid hit and I was managing all the cancellations.

No commission as the tours/vacations were cancelled.

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Depending in your Master's, teach college online. I do it and have earned a good living.

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Have you looked into any airlines? I didn’t work remotely but I did work from home. There are lots of jobs that aren’t at the airport and huge plus… travel benefits!

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I work in travel and have for 20+ years. A lot of the industry is finally embracing remote work. I have my of business these days but to get your foot in rhe door I recommend looking at some of the big travel companies & seeing who’s hiring. Many of them are. I think I saw that Intrrpid was recently and that’s a really solid company to get your foot in the door.

One tip: when at an interview for a travel company & they ask you why you want to be in the industry, 99% of the time “because I love to travel” is the wrong answer. Companies want to know what you can bring to the table for them. Everyone who works in thd industry loves to travel but that is not a qualification to work in travel. When I was hiring (I’m not anymore) I pretty much instantly disqualified anyone who gave that answer. Instead focus on the skills that will make you successful in the industry, caring about clients, attention to detail, marketing (the role of whichever position you are applying for), etc.

Good luck!
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