Looking for advice regarding airline choices for a trip in April

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I'm based in Austin, and we have a nonstop option with KLM to AMS.

Is KLM a good option (especially with it being a nonstop) or should we seriously consider another option with a connection on the east coast?

Extra info: My husband has flight anxiety so I typically opt for the least amount of flights possible since he isn't fond of takeoff and landing. We are carry-on only travelers so lost luggage isn't typically a concern for us.

Post by Bryan »

Hello fellow Austinite! I haven't flown that route on KLM, but I have flown direct from Austin to London several times. I'd always take the direct when possible. Flying to the east coast just means one more stop, adding a couple hours layover, possible delays, etc. Get on the direct, take a sleeping pill (or booze of your choice) and wake up in Amsterdam.

Depending how ambitious (and tired) you are, knock out a city walking tour on your arrival day to get an overview of the city. Lots of free (tip what you want) options!

Post by Kim »

Always fly nonstop if you can afford it. The stop makes a good sleep or movie disrupted and cuts into travel time at destination.

Post by Whit »

Usually the nonstop routes to Euro hubs are super steep priced, those ATX routes are typically with a connection in a hub (Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Heathrow) to a final destination like Barcelona, Rome, Stockholm, etc and modestly priced.

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I’ve flown KLM many many times. It’s one of my favorite airlines.

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KLM is fine. If your return flight is at AMS, plan on arriving 4 hours prior to departure. Labor shortage still going on

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I love klm. I’ve flown them a few times, the service is great and so is the food. The in flight entertainment is also well rounded. I’ve never had any issues with luggage or being delayed either.

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Check British Airways - they should be doing their $99-$129 each way sale. If it hasn't started yet, it will around Jan 5th. Check DC, BWI and Philly. Then take a $70 hopper to one of those cities.

Post by Brian »

If your husband doesn’t like flying, I recommend you take the train from Paris to Amsterdam and enjoy your nonstop flight back home.

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Anytime you can do nonstop that is the one to pick.

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Always, always, always fly nonstop if possible! And KLM is great.
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