I need some help/advice with Global Entry Renewal

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I applied a looking time ago for my renewal. I started a new job in April and it was prior to that, so the new info isn't even on my app. A friend of mine submitted hers for reneal and it was done in no time. I know they have given a 6 month extension on the expiration, and mine expires "officially" in Feb 2023.

Has anyone run into this issue? If so, how did you expedite it? The FAQ's are horrible. I don't feel like calling and being out on hold forever. I'm getting anxious bc I already gave 3 trips I plan on taking so far next year.

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Took me almost a year to get my Global Entry approval, while my wife's was approved almost immediately.

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I have no advice on this matter. I'm just here to say it blows my mind how differently each application runs through the system. And there is no rhyme or reason. I applied Sunday evening, Dec 18, had conditional approval early Tues morning, Dec 20 and have my in person interview Sat, Jan 14. The interview could have been earlier but I chose that date as I knew I absolutely could make that time and date.

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There is really no way to expedite. One person's fast approval is not an indication of others. They do a thorough review. In the future, apply one year before expiration. same as passport.

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I filled out the renewal this December and had my new card in about 13 days. You need to talk to someone. Something is not right, did your $100 payment clear?
Jo ~

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My application was approved within about two weeks. My husband’s took over six months. I was told at the time of my in-person interview that the difference was probably due to the amount of foreign travel, especially in the Middle East for work, that he had done in the past. At the time of my application, I had only been out of the country twice compared to his years of foreign travel. This situation may not apply to you, but it was the reason I was given by the agent at my interview so I thought I would just pass that along in case it’s applicable.
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