In order to get a Global Pass, Do you have to get an interview at an international airport?

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I live in Illinois, but I live about as far away from a major airport as you can get. I live about 3 hours from St. Louis Lambert Field.

I know that there are places in the country that are farther than that from a major airport, but I find that pretty ridiculous that I am forced to travel 3 hours for a pass.

Please tell me someone that there is another way.

Post by Jeremy »

You need the interview. You can also get to the interview stage with your paperwork, and then just wait until you have an international trip. Then when you come back and need to go immigration you can tell them you would like to do an interview on arrival. Most airports do it, but check your airport first.

Post by Carrie »

The easiest way to interview is when you are arriving back in the US after an international flight. When you are in line for re-entry, let the person directing people to the next open lane know you need a Global Entry interview and they will direct you to one of the border agents who can conduct the interview.

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Yeah, you're actually pretty lucky you could find an interview within driving distance at all. I only had to drive about 2 hours to get mine (it was not at an airport actually - mine was at a US Customs and Border Patrol station in Port Clinton, OH) and got approved almost immediately. Totally worth it once you get it out of the way. Just take the road trip.

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Yes, interview is required because you need to be fingerprinted. Just interview on arrival from an intl trip.

Post by Victoria »

I'm 4 hours from the nearest international airport and I've been waiting since May 4 for conditional approval - so I can set up an interview at said airport. I'm about to give up hope.

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Check if there are any small airports closer that might fly to Canada, which means they are international and can do the interviews.

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I did my interview in Dublin when returning to the US in March and I was able to just get in the GE line and do my interview which took about 10 minutes. Customs is in Ireland rather than when landing in the US. I had been waiting for like 9 months (nearest International airport is 4 hours away for me). Tried to do the interview when I returned from Mexico in January but it was a Sunday and DFW doesn’t do interviews on Sundays 🤦‍♀️.

My husband finally was able to do his interview in Houston upon returning from Honduras in September…they made him go through the normal customs long line and then go stand in another line for his interview. I had to wait for nearly 2 hours for him (I already had my GE).

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Global Entry is a pain in the rear end to get, for sure, but you'll be SO glad you did the next time you come back into the country and can zip right by all the other poor souls stuck standing in the regular line. We just flew back from Mexico last week into Miami and the lines were ridiculous, but we were done in minutes.

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It took me 8 or 10 months for conditional approval for Global Entry. Then hardly any appointments available anywhere! I drove 4 hrs (each way) for interview at Sweetgrass Montana. Nothing else anywhere near me.
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