I want to write an article around the keyword “SEATS FOR SMALL CARS”

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.. However upon checking the Serps for the keyword “Seats for small cars”, I notice the top-ranking pages are targeting a high competition broader version which is “SEATS FOR CARS”, i.e., seats for all cars not just for small cars, all the ranking websites are powerful, they have tones of backlinks, my site has few backlinks so I can’t compete with them on the keyword “Seats for cars”.

I need advice: Should I go ahead and write an article targeting the less competitive keyword “Seats for small cars” even though the top-ranking pages are targeting a broader version “SEATS FOR CARS”?

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Focus on writing for Humans and not Google - but of course with the advices from Google Guidelines in mind. If your content is helpful for users the Algorithms will find you.

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Maybe Google consider that the article has more details. If that article has 2k words, make your 5k, then Google will rank yours.

Sometimes I rank my articles with no back links at all. All this SEO is a waste of time

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I would say so. If your keyword has potential for conversions, you can go ahead.

IMO, the more specific the keyword is e.g for small cars, the potential to convert tends to be higher and not traffic.

I might be wrong though.
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