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Warning.. Anybody getting a bus from Ho Chỉ Mình City to Phnom Penh, don't use Phy Phy travel. because we didn't pay them the extra 10 dollars to do the e-visa for us. They have constantly screamed at us to hurry up (even though we can only be as fast as the staff at the boarder right?) and then the bus drove off without us and the 2 workers jumped on a bike and was ready to just leave us there.

I told them that all my belongings and money was on the bus so I can't get anywhere. They kept saying "the bus is at the restaurant" but never a name of the restaurant and kept marking different places on our maps.

We had to physically stand in front of the bike to stop them from driving off and leaving us stranded. I tried to get security involved and they didn't care and all other bus workers were just saying we were being too slow when we literally couldn't do anything else. Eventually after me filming for evidence and trying to speak to the company on the phone he said he will take us to the bus.

He finally did this after about 30 minutes of arguing and causing my girlfriend to be really upset, he then has proceeded to constantly say "fu*ck you" to us because we simply wanted to get to the destination we have paid for.

There are plenty of companies in Ho Chi Minh City who take you to Phnom Penh so just make sure to book with a company who does not use this service.

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There is a difference between being scammed and being misunderstood or you misunderstanding or you treating people wrongly or people treating you wrongly. I am sorry for your bad experience. It does not sound like you being scammed it sounds like a big misunderstanding on both sides. As a person who grew up in South East Asia you must never convey disrespect in your actions or your words. Especially in Vietnam (I suspect), there is plenty of history and emotion regarding high handed Westerners.

And be empathic in the way they earn their money. As far as they were concerned, not paying the extra $10 was you depriving them of the income which they were earning in other ways. It is like having the services of a waiter who is only paid by tips. I find the Westerners who think they can do the locals who live on well less than $10 a day out of their income is always a dangerous thing to do. You will have far more enjoyable and stress free time if you are a bit more generous with your money. After all you went to Vietnam and Cambodia because its cheap? It is cheap remember that.

Who knows? The $10 meant it would all happen in a blink of an eye at the border. Not paying $10, some which may have gone to the border guards, meant everything had to be done properly which obviously takes far longer. And why should a bus be held up with all the other people on it because you and your girlfriend would not graciously play the role of a rich visitor from a rich country.

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So you didn’t pay for an e visa so had to do it manually while everyone else had to wait for you because you decided to be cheap? Is that what I’m gathering here? If that’s the case it sounds very inconsiderate.
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