How much time does Google need to index a new page?

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I recently created a website with 7 pages and uploaded the sitemap.xml in SC. All pages are being indexed on the 1st of January except one.

Nothing should prevent the page from being indexed, no robots.txt, nofollow or misleading .htaccess.

I tested the URL, and it's live and requested indexing twice over the past two days.

Should I wait longer? Is it possible that Google requires more time to index a particular page? It might require a human eye from them? 🙂

Any advice?

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Can take anything from a day to 3 months. If you’ve requested indexing it’ll be queued. I’d just wait. I had this recently. Took about 7 days to index a page.

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Here is something that I found. Might be helpful:

It can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks for Google to index a new page, depending on various factors such as the age of the domain, the overall quality of the website, and the number of other pages on the internet that Google needs to crawl.

If you have submitted your sitemap and requested indexing for the page, it is possible that Google is still in the process of crawling and indexing it. It's generally a good idea to give it at least a week or two before considering further action.

If you have been waiting for an extended period of time and the page still hasn't been indexed, there are a few things you can try to help Google discover the page more quickly:

Check to make sure that the page is being linked to from other pages on your website. Google is more likely to crawl and index a page if it is linked to from other pages on your website.

Check to make sure that the page is not blocked by robots.txt or a noindex tag. If either of these are in place, Google will not be able to crawl and index the page.

Try requesting indexing again through the Search Console. You can do this by going to the "URL inspection" tool and entering the URL of the page you want to be indexed.

Consider promoting the page on social media or other websites to help generate more links to it. This can help Google discover the page more quickly.

I hope these suggestions help. If you have tried all of these steps and the page still hasn't been indexed after a few weeks, it may be worth reaching out to Google Support for further assistance.

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For individual pages resubmit via search console, for bulk urls use indexmenow
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