How can I increase website performance?

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Someone said use Cloudflare so I transfer my website in Cloudflare still performance is not increasing.

If you have any suggestions please share it'll be so helpful for me.


Post by Michel »

May be a poorly codes site. Do you have all the semantics in order? Is there unnecessary javascript slowing down the site? Do you have broken links?

Post by Aj~ »

Have you minified css, js, and html? Are you combining all your css files into a master file? (Same goes for js)? Did you use a template or custom code? (Templates are usually bloated causing slower loading times).

Post by Mohsin »

If website is in WordPress then use Wp-rocket & imagify to get 90+ score.

Post by Derek »

Hey there, I’ve tried many plugins and the best by far is Rabbitloader.. you won’t ever need another. Wp-rocket is okay but you need additional plugins. All my websites are 90+ for mobile and desktop.

Disclaimer: you should still run page speed insights to helps with accessibility, seo, best practices etc. also, you should always create a streamlined website whether that’s by code or page builders being used.

Come back to me once you’ve tried it so you can tell me what you think 😁

Cloudfare? You should read what Cloudfare is before installing and using to see if it meets your needs. Good luck Emily!
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