What would be an 'OK' SEO budget to at least start getting some traction?

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Question: I have a startup webshop selling anti-snoring mouthpieces in the UK. Just me as a person with my own life savings.

What would be an 'OK' SEO budget to at least start getting some traction?

Thanks for helping!

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Like 500$ a month is enough in my experience

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Add a blog section to your site + start doing YouTube videos about the articles on your new blog.

This will drive alot of traffic to your site. If you write the articles yourself,, and make the videos yourself, it's 100% free.

If you are looking for what to write / make videos on.

Use Google and make articles and videos on all the most often asked questions you see in google.

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For SEO I’d budget around £500 - £1000 per month. You probably need a mixture of content provision, on page and off page SEO. It might also be worth getting a chunk of work done up front to look at strategy, that will give you a much better idea of the work required. A decent audit with comprehensive recommendations should be in the region of £500-£800. I worked for a company selling an anti snoring device many years ago, it was a tricky market but their price point was much lower.

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I'm pretty sure partner's of snorers would be more likely to be influenced by a Facebook ad than actually do research for a solution. At a low price such as these, people are impulsive.

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Asking people here about a budget is a bit like a lamb to the slaughter am afraid. You need to think about citations and you can do this for free, I will send you a list. You can look for outreach - I can send you a list of suggestions.

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For start up e-commerce SEO my company charges between £550 - £1000 per month. Whoever you speak to you will be able to do some competitor research and keyword research to see how easy it could be to rank for certain keywords. If your site has a good site health then with this budget you should be able to make a good dent on rankings by focusing your off page SEO and on page SEO blogs etc on more niche keywords. Although less people will search for these it’s likely they’ll be more easier to rank for. Just be patient as SEO does take time before you start to see results but it will be worth it in the end 🙂 Good luck! P.s my partner has sleep apnea and it took years before he was diagnosed and got his CPAP machine.

I spent hundreds on lots of various devices over the years so I feel your customers pain!!

My advice here is within the content focus on solving the customers problem so talk about benefits more than features etc. you’ll probably find your customers are not always the end user so reviews etc on your site will be very important. Feel free to message me if you need any advice.

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£600-£1200 should be your starting budget and you should clearly define what you mean by traction.

Also make sure you're using someone who is familiar with UK advertising standards as healthcare is a place you can get penalised for easily for misleading the public. US is more litigation heavy from a consumer level (sue culture), UK is focused on fining.

Good luck.

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as a start up, I'd recommend putting aside some budget for Adwords and Social Media marketing as sales from those channels will be quicker and allow you to test offers, get cashflow and some runs on the board. Seo is great and shoukd be part of your longer term strategy, but it takes time so I wouldn't bank on instant results. All the best and congrats on getting started!

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It depends on what you're trying to achieve. Your strategy, goal and most important is your competitor. The stronger your competitor is, the harder it gets. In my case, my competitor is weak. So i manage to rank the keyword i want to #1 in just 3 months just by asking in forum and google how to do it.

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Happy to discuss with you. I have a decade of experience. I would suggest running Shopping Ads on Google to start. You can see an immediate return on your investment.

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You have run some pay per click in September, how did that work out? Did the website convert the traffic at a decent level? Looked at Amazon for exposure? How old is the site? Who has done your SEO to date?
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