When it comes to Headings do you have to have exact match headings or can they just include the KW?

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For example,

Main KW I want to rank for: Web design Brighton

Similar words I'm going to include:
  • Brighton web design Agency
  • web designer Brighton
  • Brighton web design
  • Best web design agency Brighton

This is the structure I want to use for my new website:
  • H1 - Web design Brighton
  • H2 - Websites that grow your business (Value prop)
  • H2 - A Brighton web design agency for businesses that want more customers
  • H3 - Our custom web design & development process
  • H4 - Looking for a website to help you hit your businesses growth goals
  • H2 - Best web design agency in Brighton
  • H3 - Don’t hire a Brighton web design agency until you’ve read this (Lead Magnet)
  • H4 - What our digital marketing and website review includes (2nd Lead Magnet)
  • H2 - Other services from our Brighton web Agency
I won't list the rest of them all, but can this type of head structure work?
It's a competitive KW btw (51kd%)

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TL,DR, in short, main KW you wanna rank for goes in H1, H2 & H3 should include variations / sinonyms of the same KW, but as stated above, make it interesting for readers and user friendly, don't stuff KW in all headings and in the text just for ranking purposes.

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Use only 5% keywords in your article. Add your target kw once in a tittle.h1.meta description

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Creativity works everytime. Google loves creative headings now a days. Let the KW come in a flow. Don't push hard. Just emphasize on users query. KW will be falling under the line automatically.

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Rather than repeating, use good variations with commercial/transactional intent if they fall around same keyword space. For instance, web design services, web designers, best design agency in Brighton… it will attract more keywords in my opinion.

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"Design agency" or "designer"? Us vs Me... That BS is so transparent too.
You really should do some in-depth keyword research and know exactly who your target audience is, mate.

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looks over optimized. it doesn't really flow or sound natural. dont write for google, write for website visitors.

i wouldn't say things that aren't true. are you the best? i'm guessing not since you're asking for help with headings. do you have anything to back that up or are you willing to lose trust because of your self proclaimed "best" status?

your H2s should support your H1 idea, your H3s should support your H2s. How does a lead magnet support "best web design agency in brighton"? How does your first H3 question support it's H2? you bury what seems like the most important info deep in your heading structure, ie what you offer.

without knowing more of your claims or what you think you can do, here's a basic structure adjustment

H1 - Web Design Agency in Brighton, MI (whatever state it is)

H2 - Benefits of working with us

H3 - Benefit 1

H3 - Benefit 2

H2 - Our custom web design & development process

H3 - We build Websites that grow your business

H3 - <feature that results in benefit stated in first H2

H3 - <feature that results in benefit stated in first H2

H2 - Other services we offer

H3 - Other service 1

H3 - Other Service 2

i could go either way with the benefit 1&2 being h3s. you may just want to have paragraph text in bullet points under that H2 and thats it. depends how much content you really have to put on the page.

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Yes, that's correct! You can include variations of your main keyword in your headings to help signal to search engines the topic of your page. Using variations of your main keyword, such as "Brighton web design agency" or "web designer Brighton," can also help you rank for a wider range of related search terms.

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Also, look at the KW competition for those KWs. Based on your competitors would your site even have the authority to rank for those words? I would add some LTKWs in there someplace that will be easier to rank for. Just my unsolicited 2 cents

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I would say too many exact match headings there, looks a bit over optimised. I’m assuming you are going for long form content here so plenty of opportunities to talk about your topic within the content itself. If you think about the fact you’ll likely also have the phrase in your meta title/desc, url and alt text (I’m making assumptions here obviously but it would make sense) that’s a lot. Mix it up a bit, I don’t think you are far off.

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I love your headlines. Go ahead! I used similar structure and Google understand. But check also what people want to know about from the other ranking pages + build some backlinks as it is a competitive KW
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