If I make a separate website for my business and it gets penalised by google. Will it affect my main site?

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I don't intend on linking to my main site at all from the new site. But some details will obviously be the same, contact phone number etc...

Post by Rob »

Keep them completely separate in every way shape and form, including hosting IP. Don’t allow google to identify you in any way.

Post by Andrei »

I don't see any problem. I have xx sites under my main website, connected both to GA and WMT. These are real clients and different individuals. I also have a number of personal sites under the main one (developed by/etc). Never had any issue.

Post by Chris »

I own around 30 websites under the same parent company. There's very little interlinking, but Google knows they're connected, because they're under the same GA account.

Although rare, I've had individual sites penalised, and I can confirm that it does not affect other sites. Could be a fluke, but whenever this has happened to a site, another in my portfolio tends to increase SERP rankings.

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The point is what's the need to build a new site. Keep working on current site & do SEO on it.

And if you will have a separate site it will not have any affect on the current one.
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