I'm getting no traffic from Bing

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I recently seen that I'm getting no traffic from Bing, although I'm doing good with Google and Yandex. Is anyone here had faced the same issue?

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Bing traffic is higher in the B2B world since they use computers more often.

At my day job, over 60% of our traffic is desktop (not thinking about ipad traffic which has a “computer” user-agent and shows as desktop in GA)

When Internet Explorer went away it was replaced with the Edge browser which in turn became the default browser for windows.

A few years ago, the Edge browser went to a Chromium build so it is now similar to Chrome’s performance but the default search engine, which can be changed, is Bing.

Everytime the browser updates, you have to manually change the search engine back to Google otherwise it defaults to Bing again.

We all know the Microsoft Office ecosystem had a stronghold on the business world so that may explain it.

(Opinion) I highly doubt people are downloading the Edge bowser and using Bing Search on mobile devices so i wouldn’t worry about bing traffic too much if most of your traffic is mobile anyway.

Now another question is if you used Bing webmaster tools to index your site?

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What are you doing to optimize your pages? Bing likes social media and permanent mentions. Maybe this hint can improve your workflow.

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You may want to check on the current indexing stats on Bing and check on BMWT on any possible issues.

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People still actually use Bing?
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