Where to use a mini case study?

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My roofer client is sending me before and after photos with 1 paragraph of info about the roofs original condition and what they replaced it with  and he tells me the suburb/town of the job.

I have location pages for him - would these work on the location pages.

It would create extra unique content and show a home in that location.

Or should I create a project gallery with them and use the location in the title.

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I don't see the harm in both. Would be really good to add them to location pages to strengthen those and keep adding projects to those location pages as they come in. Since Google is taking action against location pages it's best to start converting them into project pages and case studies.

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Most of this will barely make a dent unless the content is engaging and adds value. Most case studies never get looked at and 90% of indexed pages on google never see an organic click so figure out what the real purpose is before spending a lot of time on content that won’t get any traction at all.

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You mean case study for you to pitch to new clients? Just add it in a deck and show it when you're on a zoom sales call.

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Before and after photos if taken from the exact same location can be a goldmine when it comes to using them for posting on the GPB and then linking out from there to a location page or blog. They would be great on a gallery/photo page and will get lots of views from prospective clients. As far as Google is concerned it always helps push up the rank when content gets engagement in any form. I am a google local guide level 8 and I am amazed at how many views my photos get...some in the millions. Keep posting them on GBP and ask to include the person's 5 star review on the post as well.

Any engagement helps no matter what anyone says!
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