Does it make sense to buy all the plugins for SEO foundations too I guess?

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One thing I’ve learned is that Yoast is not as good as I thought apparently. I’m having good success with it in some markets but want to try and switch it up.

I’ve been told using SEO foundations as well as frase (I think that’s right) will be a much better solution.

Is this correct? Any tips or advice? Does it make sense to buy all the plugins for SEO foundations too I guess?


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I’m really loving Surfer SEO to analyze my content for keyword density! I usually write it there, then I’ll check it on Yoast after. I really just use Yoast for TT&MD and sitemap optimization. I don’t pay for the premium.

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At this stage I would recommend RankMath or All in one SEO.

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I switched from Yoast to RankMath because sometimes Yoest broke my sites and was more expensive than rankMath. After the switch, everything worked for more than two years

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I wonder why most of us don't do SEO basics as opposed to getting worked up on SEO plugins. You can have the "best" SEO plugins and still achieve nothing...

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I pay no attention to Yoast scores. Only use it as a vessel for metas, page titles and xml site maps.

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Yoast is a tool. It's not gonna make your SEO better if you're not a good SEO.

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SEO plugins are basically checklists to follow. They don't directly affect your rankings no matter which you use. You still need to do your competitor research and follow best protocol, not just try to get the green dots.
Aj ~

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Yoast is only good as a foundational check. It tells you nothing about the competition in regards to word count and keyword density. So don't blindly follow it.
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