Is There Any Way to Block All Traffic on a Website and Only Allow Google Ads Traffic?

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Is there any way to block all traffic on a website and only allow Google ads traffic? I am having a situation with a new client that according to analytics and a plugin that I have installed in his wordpress site is receiving organic traffic around 100 visits a day however those visits some are contacting through chat or email with unrelated things or service requests.

Is the first time that I see a situation like this, client has no backlinks, in the search console fon't show traffic or that he is ranking for any keyword yet he receive this traffic that send unrelated requests.

I put a noindex tag on his page and fill a temporary removal request on search console for his page to remove from organic results and if I search for him I can't find him. I do the removal request yesterday and still today I am receiving the traffic.

I just want to only receive the Google ads traffic on that page. Other thing that I do was install a plugin that block bots and instruct doesn't matter still see traffic going through.

Anyone know a trick or a way to solve this?

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Welcome to the wonderful world of spam. What you need to do is activate an invisible captcha for your whole website and contact forms and point your DNS servers to a CDN like Cloudflare or Fastly. From there if the Captcha hasn't filtered out most spam you can turn on spam filters in the CDN that show a JavaScript challenge to the users. Remove those noindex tags, it will harm your client's SEO
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