I would really appreciate some examples that would clarify the difference?

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OK, so my editor (I write freelance people centered In-depth news stories for an online news journal)has given me direction/ feedback not to tell but to show. I have seen such recommendations from you all in regard to feedback on peoples writing.

I would really appreciate some examples that would clarify the difference?

I respect all of your professionalism and know it would help my writing currently and in the future.

Thank you in advance.

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How would you let someone know something without using the word (or any of its synonyms)

A person is tall becomes “he had to duck to walk through the door”

He is fat and lazy becomes “Pete only woke around noon each day and spent all day on the couch eating junk food and playing video games”

She is sad becomes “tears rolled down her face as her body shook with her sobbing”

She is angry becomes “her cheeks flushed and her eyes widened. She wanted to slap him but she resisted. Instead she tried to slow her breathing and regain her composure “

Forgive the writing please haha but that’s the general idea.

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Tell: he was angry and didn't want to speak anymore.
Show: He clenched his jaws as he threw her a cursory look. Without thinking twice, he stormed off leaving her alone in the spacious lounge

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News story writing is different to story telling. Or it used to be.

The news needs to be told as it happened, so tell works best.

Show is descriptive but also subjective and therefore opinion.

So why would a news outlet ask to show not tell?
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