I can’t seem to get myself to keep writing

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Hello all. First time posting here. But I’d like some encouragement, advice, suggestions, etc.

I’ve had this book idea for almost 2 years. I have most of the characters developed and a lot of the scenes mapped out in my head. I’ve written about 3 drafts for just the intro alone. But that’s about all I’ve got.

I can’t seem to get myself to keep writing. Or even start at all. I’m lost. I’m scared. I don’t even know where to start. I feel like I forgot how to write as I haven’t touched the book in months but I think about it daily.

Anything is appreciated.

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Keep going. Even if it's a random scene here and there jot it down. Writing is not always linear and at this stage nothing is going to be perfect. All you need is to get it down on the page. The rest will come, believe me.

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I suggest you find a local writing group it’s more personal and might turn out to be a great social herein Canada community colleges have writing groups good luck! to me writing is a hobby Wish you Good Luck!!!

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Go to YouTube and look up Steven King and other writers talk about rejection and over coming the fear of writing etc

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Keep writing, even if it feels stunted or flat! Once you finish your full first draft you'll have a story to start working with, changing around, and developing. It's likely you'll rewrite most of your scenes throughout the editing process anyway, especially since you'll feel energised by a full story and randomly inspired for this bit and that, not to mention needing to make changes to your plot. Don't worry that it's not coming out right, just get it down. This will also force the habit and you'll find it easier and easier to keep going. Good luck!

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have been struggling with a similar problem myself. three years in I have about 200 pages of a messy first draft and somehow cant get to write more. what helps is that i genuinely like my characters. what i write lately are a loose bunch of scenes or dialogue that i will have to fit in later. dont worry to much, it will come back

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I recognise that state. I forced myself to complete the first draft, rather than start over. Was it good; no. Did that matter; no. It provided the basis to make a good story.

My next challenge is to draft more effectively in future. But at that time (2020) I just needed to write that crappie draft. Give yourself permission to fail gloriously too

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Write the whole thing… believe me, I've been where you are… one book I have restarted at least 5 times. Partly (for me, at least) it was down to fear. I didn't want to take myself to 'that place' that the book would take me to.

But then I was challenged to do a number of sprints… miraculously, the words flowed and the scenes that came out of it shocked me. I had no idea the father had a violent streak (but I kind of like that scene so I may keep it in) and I wrote a scene showing a bully and their attitude.

It was amazingly helpful to clear my head and just write. If you need a sprinting partner I'd be delighted to help. I seriously need to finish this book… For the first time EVER I got 50,000 words.

I know there is a tremendous amount of work to do but I'm not stopping now. You have got this!
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