I used to write short stories and I had so many ideas but I stopped writing for about 3 years

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.. and I decided that I would return back to writing but the problem is I no longer feel motivated and I can’t come up with any new ideas plus my vocabulary has worsened.. I used to read a lot but now I might just read 3 books in the whole year.

I truly don’t know what to do anymore.

Writing means quite a lot to me and it hurts me; that now I don’t feel like writing as I no longer come up with new ideas.

I feel hopeless and at some point I feel really depressed.

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Try writing and see if you can get beyond the blockage. Try free flow writing and just see what comes out. You may get one gem if a sentence which takes you in your next writing adventure.

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I guess like any art, if when we write and feel as though there is no one to receive the message than what's the point?

I know quite a few people read for inspiration. My whole life I have found reading boring unless it's nonfiction and I am gaining some insight or truth. Oh well.

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When I teach writing, I find that students are relieved to hear this...that frustration is an indication of a literary problem to be solved, not a sign that they aren’t good enough writers.


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What I enjoy about writing is when I’m not writing. I enjoy writing when I’m writing in my head. Actual writing process is so painful after 10 pages but I do this for living. So this time, I just wrote without thinking, then scrambled them around without thinking till I don’t recognize my writing pattern. I kinda like it.

Enjoy your life, you are good enough, your vocabularies are good enough. Google can show you all the other options. Lol Hope you’ll find the ways to enjoy writing.

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I'm going through a similar thing, you're not alone! It's important to start somewhere. For me, I started reading again. Forcing myself to ready daily, starting on a new book immediately after finishing the first one, keeping a list of books to read. It was difficult at first without motivation, but I soon got into the rhythm of reading again. I didn't write as much (I did force some writing prompts now and then, but mainly I read). I feel more motivated now, and I'll start writing properly again once I feel ready. It's important to do what works for you and what feels right for you.

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If motivation was all people needed to be a writer then there would be very few writers. Just start writing. It's a brain exercise and you haven't practiced in years. Writing is not like riding a bike. Look up writing prompts and play around with them. After enough time of disciplining yourself to establish regular writing, ideas will come to you.
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