I’m a bit frustrated but will keep at it

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Happy New year authors and authors-to-be.

I am in search of an editor for a non-fiction (memoir) project I’m working on. I have progressed to the point of having received a book proof, but the book proof’s quality has been abysmal in every way.

After attempting to work with the current resource for the past few months to get them to raise the quality of their work, they seem to want me to lower my quality standards to their level of work which I refuse to do.

I’ve reached an impasse with them. This is my first attempt at being an author but it is not my first writing project. Not by a long shot.

I’ve written technical publications, an MBA thesis, and engineering reports to name a few so this is not my first writing rodeo.

I work for a defense contractor as a project manager and know what quality written work should look like. I’m a bit frustrated but will keep at it.

The project is about 74K words. If anyone has recommendations please reach out.

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… Do you have a contract with this publisher? Is this somebody you really want to do business with? If they’re treating you like this before the book is even out, how are things going to be once it comes to marketing and distribution? (Fellow author was very excited to get a book deal – and now they are trying to figure out anything they can do to get out of their contract because the experience has been a nightmare).
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