I am looking for a writing partner (US Only)

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This will consist of fictional writing (depends on what the story is for an exact genre). It is like literate rp, in a way. It’s for fun, also.

I am only wanting a writing partner who is truly interested. Not someone to say they’re interested and then be like never mind or have too many projects, etc etc. there is no pay involved, nor is work being published.

It is just for fun as we write a story back and forth together.

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Oh I like this idea. We write a piece and send it back and forth adding to it?! Sounds so fun!

Post by David »

Sounds fun but I'm one of those people that have too many projects I'm working on. I used to love to do story ping pong back in the day though.

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I used to be involved in rp like this but I usually had to end of fading out as life got to hectic. Would love to be involved but I would definitely be one of those "have too many projects people". Hope you find a great writing partner though!

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This writing technique is called "Exquisite Corpse" if you wanted to see examples of other things like this. It's used in art, writing, and poetry... it's often taught in higher education as a skill exercise.

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Why do you say “US only”? I used to do collaborative writing. I’ve been fortunate to work with two others who were very skilled in American English - one from Montreal, the other from Madrid, Spain.
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