Grammarly or ProWritingAid?

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Good evening everyone, I was wondering if you could give me some advice?

I am debating which editing software to use for grammar checks etc. I will look to use a developmental editor after but initially wanted to run it through either Grammarly or ProWritingAid.

My question is, which one would you recommend?

I’m leaning one way but thought I’d throw it out there first.

Thanks for your opinions.

Post by Tanner »

I’ve used both.

I found the feedback on PWA more helpful, and it doesn’t slow the computer down as much.

Post by Cat »

I use grammarly and pro writing aid.

Prowritingaid, in my experience, changes the tone and voice of my writing when making corrections.

Grammerly will make things more concise, while really just flipping the sentences around.

I feel like prowritingaid is really hard on creative tone, while gammerly is very specific to your writing and just making it make sense.

Post by Diana »

I don’t know what program you write with but Word has its own grammar tools built in. Tell me which version and I will walk you through how to turn them on.

Post by Jennie »

Inside ProWritingAid to run my work through for a rough edit. You don’t have to accept all the suggestions they give. That would be ridiculous if you did. Then I send it to an editor because nothing will replace an actual editor.

Post by Josh »

I basically never agree with grammaly’s decisions, but it’s super helpful for punctuation and junk

Post by Denise »

ProWritingAid is specifically designed for fiction.
Grammarly for non-fiction.

Post by Keith »

Neither. They will screw your voice and writing up faster than you can find a good editor to repair the mistakes
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