I'm struggling with the climax of my story

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.. I know it's been foreshadowed since the beginning and where the MC reaps what the sow.

All the other plot points are going smoothly, but I can't do it.

Maybe it's me approaching the goodbye of this novel.

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If you think it’s the goodbye holding you back, don’t. I felt like that with my 1st book, but then I started writing character back stories as short stories. When those published, I kept writing—some of those characters now have their own books, some of the books have sequels. I didn’t have to say goodbye, just catch you later.

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If the climax involves peril or trouble for the MC, it's natural to want to spare them by not writing it. Once I acknowledge that I can usually do it. Just get it out even if it's not good.

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Remember, the climax isn't the end. You still gotta cuddle for a few more chapters. You can still look forward to the epilogue too.

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If your theory is true, start outlining the sequel. That should clear your logjam.
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