How do you fall back in love with writing when ur depressed?

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Writing a fantasy book and have a whole 27 chapter draft... But for all the words and pages the story feels empty and nonsense... I feel lost.

How do you fall back in love with writing when ur depressed?

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I am in the exact same boat, but my therapist recommended to think about my book in a backwards timeline. Why did I think it would be good in the first place? Because I daydreamed and daydreamed about my character and the world I could manifest in my own mind, I’d escape there, and so can others. It takes time, don’t push it too much, just remember why you wanted to write in the first place and revisit that. Or write a short story that doesn’t relate to your WIP AT ALL and maybe you’ll have a new idea :))

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You've made great progress. Sounds like a good first draft. You've got the premise & now it's time to put some meat on the bones, edit, expand.

Writing actually helps my depression.

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Just jot down some things that mean something to you. Keep doing it now and then. Maybe start a daily journal. Eventually your writing self with pick up something and 'run with it' and your writing mojo will come back. If you don't feel like writing, read some classic poems. I like Emily Dickinson's poems or Robert Frost's poems.

Check my Lyn the Librarian/Writer Facebook page in a little while with recommendations for more books of poems by poets I find inspiring.

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Think of the reason you’re writing it. What’s the theme?

People have kind of touched on this, but truly: work backwards. Find what made your characters tick in the first place, find any type of through-line. Is the overall message about love? Is it about world peace? Is it about found family?

Then once you find it, go back and work your way through what you’ve written, take out anything that doesn’t go towards that meaning. Then you can work your way up to that meaning. Everything will reach its end-point naturally.

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Exercise. Do something, especially, aerobic, whatever you can do to get your heart rate up and your breathing deepened (even yoga helps). Exercise helps pull us out of ourselves, our funks, our minds, and allows our brains freer travel through our thoughts.

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You're probably comparing yourself to the completed books on your shelf, don't do that. A half finished sculpture is still a lump of clay and six chapters isn't even half.

Second, first drafts are never perfect. Get used to the idea you will have to polish your first draft several times to even get close to what you're envisioning.

Last, the best books have wiggle room for the reader's imagination. If I write, A dog ran across the street, and a hundred people read that sentence -- each of them is picturing a different dog. As an author you have to lay down certain plot points to tell the story. The readers imaginations will hopefully look close to what you're picturing but not exactly. And that's okay.

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Start something new and go back to this book at a later date? Writing is not linear and you can have several WIPs at once.

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Take a day or two off from your story and write a short story (6,000-12,000 words) focused on one of your characters back story. Something that will not be in your book, but bring your characters back to life for you and give you a sense of accomplishment in this moment of doubt.

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I read something that makes me feel alive again. I just read Tomi Adeyemi’s “Children of Blood and Bone” - it was so amazing, made me feel all the emotions that make me want to write!

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Watch a show you really love. Try to find similarities (side characters, plot or themes) and see what resonates with you. The great thing about being 27 chapters in is that you have it written already and you can edit it! The first draft is out... Like an assignment in school. You gotta tweak it for your teacher, but your teacher is you.

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Put it away and read it later. You’ll always want to write the better one next. :lol:

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Oh no, I know exactly how you feel. I actually outsourced a manuscript to a ghost writer just because you reach a point where it's hard to keep working on your own writing. I’d be happy to look at your story and chat with you about it. I have been itching to get into beta reading.

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It's overwhelming.. I'm almost done with my book too and it's gonna be a lot for editing and rewriting.. Making sure it all makes sense etc.. good luck.. Just do it in spurts.
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