I recently finished what is going to be my debut novel

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I'm in the process of editing/rewrites. I also have a good group of beta readers who are making technical and story suggestions for me to implement. My goal is to publish on KDP by March 31. Does anyone have any good resources (besides what you can find on KDP) about using Amazon's platform or any recommendations for me going forward?

Anything you've experienced that can help me, either with the platform or in your general self publishing journey?

Thank you all! I really value this forum.

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It’s really easy once you go through the guide and any online tutorials. YouTube has some great videos. The most frustrating part was formatting the cover for paperback. The dimensions are all wrong and it took hours for me to fine-tune the sizing.

But with self publishing, Amazon doesn’t do any of the leg work. If you want your book to sell, you need to market it. Set up social media now to get more eyes on your book release.
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