Is £3,000.00 too much for a new combi boiler, fitting, chemical radiator clean

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Boiler is a Bosch Worcester.

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I think it’s about right. I paid similar for a new boiler, same make, two years ago.

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Sounds about right.

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Fair the Bosch boiler them selves are £1600 on average plus pipes plus chemicals a flush can cost £800if the systems bad plus registering it. That’s a fair price.

You can get cheaper boiler for cheaper price but won’t have the warrenty usually that Bosch offer

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It's a OK price, might get it a bit cheaper if shop around but I would go for reconmation than price and if it 10 year warrenty as when you do the maths it only like 300 a year less than 30 quid a month

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Sounds about right - we paid around £2,600 just over 5 years ago without needing a chemical flush.

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If anyone on here has a boiler under 14 years I think ? You can get a newboiler with government grant support, we did this and it cost us only 240.00this is 1 year ago. Just for info only

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