Is the Oodie worth the price tag please?

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Seeing cheaper options but at £64 need to see what others think.

Post by Lisa »

Got one for £20 from primark and its fab so don't think you need to spend more than that really

Post by Meshelle »

I am 6' and knew the oodie wouldn't be long enough for me so bought an extra long one from the online bedding store for £15 plus PNP and it's very warm so I am assuming the oodie is even warmer then no way could I wear an oodie.

Post by Sam »

I have a kuddly very much same thing about same price point. Also got cheaper version for Xmas. The kuddly is far superior in terms of warmth, washes really well (but takes bit drying). Would really recommend.

Post by Louise »

I have a oodie and the quality is so much better than the cheap ones

Post by Marie »

Having both a cheap one and Oodie, the Oodie wins hands down so much thicker and warmer compared to thr cheaper ones that are thinner. Sometimes 5 poind stuff has Oodies for cheap but they sell out real quick.

Post by Ceris »

I managed to get 4 kudd.lys for £99 bundle around 6 months ago but they don't seen to have that offer on anymore 😭 they are amazing though! We have one each in our house and they keep us Soo warm

Post by Lisa »

I bought my daughter one and it is so thick and weighted! Definitely worth the splurge

Post by Hayley »

I have a oodie it's brilliant keeps me lovely and warm I got my 1st one off 5 pound stuff I paid £11.99 and its a official oodie we have kuddlys and snugglys to and the oodie is thicker and warmer x

Post by Jordi »

I've never used an Oodie one but I got a Snoodie from Primark for Christmas and I've barely taken it off since! It is saving soo much money in heating working from home and so much cheaper. Can't comment on the Oodie but this has helped massively

Post by Kathleen »

I have one from Amazon & a real Oodie. The genuine Oodie wins hands down as it is much better quality & warmer.

Post by Leanne »

Primark-£16, warm as toast, so cosy!! Really well made too!

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I have an oodie and I have two from Amazon. All lovely but the actual oodie is beautiful quality and so much thicker. I am so much warmer in it.xx

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I got one from Amazon ( the company is lush forest) it waS £22.99 😁now lol, I'm a larger lady, I know these are over sized but even I have space to move it in, can get it on and off with no problems.... its so toasty and warm I have to keep taking it off LOL would seriously recommend this to anyone !!! £22.99 VERY WELL SPENT!!!
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