How much would we be charged per transaction?

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Advice please.

I help our works charity committee raise funds for our charity of the year but we struggled selling raffle tickets as many people have gone cashless.

The charity are reluctant to use a card machine for payments due to the charges. We are trying toraise funds so needs to find a way of taking small payments.

Does anyone have any ideas.

How much would we be charged per transaction. We hope to run a cake sale at Easter and if we had a minimum sale of £1


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You could use an alternative like PayPal.Or you could put posters up a few weeks before,send email reminders and mention during team meetings.That way people will remember.

Or sell the raffle tickets Mon-Weds- do IOU and collect the money on a Friday and email those people on Thursday.More work but does work.

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I would do a campaign a few weeks before. "Save and collect small change this week so you purchase raffle tickets for blank cause next week"

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You have to balance out the lost money from sales with the fees. It's better to get 95% of a sale than lose it completely. I would get the machine, I think there's research that shows people tend to spend more using a card than using cash anyway because cards are psychologically detached from the value of money.

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Look at The Sum-up. Lots of places use them. Churches, charity collectors in Supermarkets use it. Ryman stationers sell them.

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Have you looked into raffall? My workplace used it for a recent raffle we did. Don't know the charges but as a user was very good.

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It is a pain. I have a hairdresser that doesn't have a card payment system so has to pay in cash which is a bother as I rarely carry cash. Also I have to remember to have some change on me on week end as my kids get ice-cream from the ice-cream van as a treat and he only takes cash too.

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EVERYONE should carry some cash - what happens if your card is swallowed up by a machine? What happens if you lose it or it is stolen? I have seen a lady in floods of tears in a bus station because the machine she used swallowed the card and she had no money.
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