Who pays us for the electricity that has been stored?

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Can anyone help! Bought a house with solar panels on, only registered them a few months ago.

So my question is... Who pays us for the electricity that has been stored?

We are now with Octopus who pays for the export, but what about the electricity generated before that? Any help would be great.


Post by Carolyn »

My understanding is you only get paid from the date you registered them.

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Good luck. I did the same and it took 13 months to sort out. The electricity company will pay you. Have you considered batteries for storage, it saves more money and funding is available I believe.

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You'll only get paid from when you registered it. And don't expect to make much especially on the current rates, maybe £40-60 a year.

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If u keep changing companies it is going down on amount you get my panels with edf have been for 10 years I won’t change from them as I get price from when I signed 10 years ago. But I changed electricity suppliers quite a few times in those years

Post by Harry »

We are with Shell Energy & have 14 panels. We are earning around £600-800 pa, obviously dependant on the weather.

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We transferred ownership of panels from previous owners of our house , we carried on with the energy company they used , it did take SSE a long time to pay us but we are lucky to be on the old rate so get about 800 a year .

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