Can anyone recommend a supermarket cake or similar?

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Hi all, to save money we are having a large dummy cake for our wedding to save money.

However we would still like to serve our guests a nice slice of cake each.

I don't want the cheapest of cheap, but just ain nice large cakes to serve.

Can anyone recommend a supermarket cake or similar?

Thanks in advance

Post by Carol »

Cosco do big cakes if you know anyone who’s a member

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My daughter bought a nice plain iced fruit cake in Asda when she got married. Was a few years ago so not sure if they still do them. If not how about the plain sponge photo cakes they do but without the photo??

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I'm sure sainsburys used to do plain white iced fruit cakes in different sizes to use as wedding cakes. I don't know if they still sell them but they do have a white iced 'decorate yourself' madeira cake.

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M&S used to do wedding cakes for slicing so you could have the dummy cake out for photos and it was just simple iced cake for cutting. I don't know if they still do them but I'm.sure other places might have a similar idea

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You could get some reduced iced Christmas cake in the sales, once it's sliced, no one will know it's Christmas cake. Pre slice it and wrap it individually.

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I would go to the local college and see if anyone doing catering would like to take this on as a project or for experience, you wouldn't expect to pay full whack.

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Costco to buy but best of all is make your own. Maybe someone you know would make you one as a wedding present.
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