What’s the rules about where they can/can’t be and do we have to have sticker in window saying we have CCTV?

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Not sure if relevant but I guess I don’t want to waste money on CCTV window stickers or cameras if not allowed… We are getting cameras out front and back. What’s the rules about where they can/can’t be and do we have to have sticker in window saying we have CCTV?

I read mixed answers on google.


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The rules are a little confusing I have CCTV and I have CCTV stickers on the windows and doors I know they can't look direct Into someones window or door and must cover your property boundary.

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We had an issue when a neighbours window got smashed and we had it on camera. I asked the police officer that came to my house and she said legally I didn't need stickers to advise of cameras. We're in Scotland so may be different elsewhere.

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As long as theyre pointed anywhere on your property not any neighbours be legal. The point of as sign is to make everyone aware and deters burglars. Just pick one up. Ours is on our gate.

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We have one in our back yard We have a small sign on the high gate. The camera only see's to just over the gate and along the top of the garden wall. As we were told, you are not supposed to see into anyone elses property, whether it be garden, window or door way.

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Your not allowed to have the camera view in anyone else's property, just your own. No stickers needed.

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You can only have cameras pointing over private land and not the public street or off your property. Rules on this are strict because this is about people’s right to privacy rather than your right to use a camera for any purpose. Your local neighbourhood policing team will advise. Stickers are advised as you can’t use CCTV as evidence of you don’t advise you’re filming.

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I got told you need them for CCTV, so if needed can be used in court as evidence. Same as when you record phone calls.

CCTV try not point at other houses, but saying that my door bell covers a huge part of the front of my road and other houses.

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I've got CCTV and mine goes up and down the road am never had a problem been on my house for years.

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The rules are debatable. I have them front and back. I block out any of my neighbours gardens / doors / windows etc. They cover the drive and road the mute point being that you are protecting your property if someone 'attacks' it from the road which is acceptable or so I have been informed. To be honest a ring doorbell would also extend that far so its not any different.

I will also add that as a result of them evidence has been given to the police.
Have stickers on all lower windows and doors.

Speak to a reputable alarm company (or 2)

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I don’t have any stickers and can control the direction of the cameras and record sound. They footage has been used twice has evidence for a police enquiry. They knocked on the door and asked for video. They were not bothered that it caught footage of other people houses.

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You can film your land and any part of public land without the need for any notifications, but if you film into someone else’s private property then you need to put a sign up.

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I think as long as you are protecting your property and are not intentionally using them to invade a neighbours privacy it's not a problem. I know several people in my street have cameras and after someone was assaulted in a nearby street police knocked doors of those with CCTV to check footage for information.

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Best to check with your own local police. That way you know how best to direct it from your house. I don't think stickers are law where I am. Only first hand knowledge I have is our neighbour complained that their other neighbour was pointing their camera into their rear porch. Never heard if it was just a mistake and moved off driveway due to a storm. I don't see stickers here. I think it varies all over the place. I have seen examples of personal cameras being used by police. A child abduction case comes to mind...

Camera was pointing to front drive and street beyond. We have neighbourhood watch and stickers available but not required.

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I have CCTV also fitted and a ring bell. I had my CCTV installed and was told I don't need signs. In saying that I'm up a cul de sac with 3 other houses and they are grateful that I've got it and my neighbour opposite got a ring bell I see it as extra protection.

I cant have my CCTV any other way but it doesn't point in anyone else's back garden xx
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