What’s everyone’s gas and electric bill for a month! The December one

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Just curious..

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£484. 4 bedroom house. Would have been less but I used the heating more because my adult children were here for several days before and over Christmas. Oh and the house wasn't overly comfortable temperature wise, heated throw and layers were still very much needed.

November was £180.

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£305. I took meter readings today. £610 for the last 8 weeks exactly. Annoyingly there were days I didnt even put the heating on beyond an hour and even then it was to stop the house dropping below 11 degrees. Oh the joys of living in a single brick house

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£177 for gas and electric. Eon next.

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188 gas 113 elec... 3 bed victorian semi, 2 adults and not excessive with heating or cooking etc. Gas is almost double nov elec about same... Bloody rip off

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£703 last month for gas and electric. Have a 4 bed house with a garage out the back. Last year it was £350 for November.

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Mine isn't billed, I'm on a prepayment smart meter. I used £59 of electricity and £71 of gas - so a total of £130. But that's just me in a 2-bed terrace.

I might pay more, being on a payment meter, but looking at some of your bills I'm glad I am.

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An absolute joke that’s what it is £350 for a 2 bed flat with only having the heating on 6 times for half hour a time when it snowed.

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Decembers gas was £274. As had it on a lot when was freezing cold. Hopefully drops for January as not really been as cold. And I’ve been turning it off all time. Only when I’m at work my dad will whack it on but it’s off as soon as home :D.

Electric. Put £20 on yesterday and £14.84 left.
Waiting for the £66 to load so don’t need ti put any on for majority off month.

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Mine was for 3.5 months. £2500! I had a leak so they did knock a few hundred quid off. Currently 18 days into new billing period and I have worked it out using meter readings taken every few days at £131.56 including standing charges so as a rough estimate by the end of the billing month (16th to 16th) I'm expecting a bill for both to be about 280. No doubt I will be completely wrong and I will argue with them but using the figures on my tariff surely I must be in the ball park.

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Mine was £475 it's mad I am going to dispute this

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£387 for both, heating on all day as elderly parent lives with me. She came into a world of no heating and chilblains but she's not going out like that.
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